Children are today's tomorrow, tomorrow's hope

Dear Colleagues, Dear Participants

We will hold the 6th International Pediatric Rehabilitation Congress & 2nd Student Symposium on the digital platform with the main theme "Being a Pediatric Physiotherapist in the 21st Century" on June 4-7, 2021. As the Association of Children's Physiotherapists, we are honored and happy to invite you.

The field of health and medicine, advancing in the light of developing at a rotating speed in the scientific and technological field, changing environment and lifestyles bring development, change and innovation with it. As physiotherapists who play a key role in promoting and protecting the health of adults, their children / families and in promoting and protecting their health to reach the “best”, our main goal is to make a difference by touching the lives of babies, children and their families by taking together changes and transformations in pediatric rehabilitation.

Our congress will include international and national keynote speakers, panels, conferences, free papers, poster presentations, workshops and courses. We would like it to be a congress where professionals and academicians from different disciplines, who have devoted themselves to pediatric rehabilitation with our themes that are up-to-date, evidence-based and that can be applied in practice, will have other knowledge and clinical experiences, and share their perspectives and new and exemplary ideas.

Hope to meet you on the digital platform at our congress, which will be enriched with your participation and contributions,

With my kind regard and respect


Prof. Mintaze KEREM GÜNEL PT, PhD

Child Physiotherapists Association Executive Committee and Congress President